Pet Wellness Issues of Exotic Pets

Birds, snakes, lizards, ferrets-you might be amazed at how many different kinds of exotic pets have adapted to everyday domestic life. These animals can make an exciting and fascinating alternative to dogs or cats, but they can also make your life exciting in ways you would rather avoid. You must administer the proper care, and you must use an animal vet clinic trained in the treatment of these animals.

Colorado Springs exotic vet provides tips on unique petsEvery animal has its own set of species specific health issues. Rodents, for instance, are particularly vulnerable to tumor development, while snakes can lose blood flow to their tails through incomplete shedding. Horses can develop hoof problems, dental problems and skin diseases if not properly treated. Other exotic animals, like lizards and chameleons, are particularly sensitive to environmental changes. Songbirds can be poisoned by even small amounts of common airborne cleaning products that would not harm your average dog. Some turtles require a certain minimum temperature before they will eat.

Of course proper nutrition is essential to the health of any pet, and exotic pets have special needs in this area as well. Easy as it may be to feed your mouse, gerbil or rat a steady diet of seeds or nuts, you will end up with an obese pet unless you balance the menu with fruits, vegetables and soy protein. Rabbits love pet-store pellet food, but you may want to add some yogurt for digestive support. Turtles thrive on fruits, vegetables, insects and worms.

We Are Your Colorado Springs Exotics Vet

As you might imagine, you cannot take your exotic pet to just any veterinarian. So if you need a Colorado Springs exotics vet who has the training to handle your unique family member's special needs, pay a visit to Yorkshire Veterinary Hospital.

The skilled team at our animal vet clinic can evaluate your pet's overall health, treat illnesses, and advise you on proper feeding, bedding materials, and any medications you might need to administer.

If you are considering bringing an exotic pet into your family, call us at 719-598-3192 to find out about the proper care for that type of pet.


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