Colorado Springs Animal Hospital Urges Flea and Tick Prevention

Flea and tick season is in full swing, and we want to remind pet owners to take preventative action to protect their pets from these pests. Unfortunately, we still see several cases of flea- and tick-borne diseases annually in our animal hospital, although most of these diseases could have been avoided. Our Colorado Springs veterinarian can make recommendations for your individual pet on a preventative application.

Flea and Tick Prevention is an Essential Part of Pet Wellness Programs

The pet wellness program here in our Colorado Springs animal hospital includes flea and tick preventative medicines that owners can easily apply every month. These preventatives not only kill fleas and ticks, but also kill the eggs and larvae as well. This simple step can prevent Colorado Springs animal hospital advises on flea and tick medicationsyou and your pet from contracting some nasty illnesses.

Flea-borne diseases-Although bubonic plague is rare these days (and usually not fatal if quickly treated), there are still fleas that carry the disease and pass it on to cats, dogs and humans. The most common flea-borne illness is actually parasitic dermatitis, which is an allergic reaction to the flea bite. Incessant scratching can cause hot spots, which can later become infected. Fleas can also spread typhus and tapeworms.

Tick-borne diseases-Ticks in the Colorado Springs area spread Colorado Tick Fever and Rocky Mountain spotted fever to both humans and pets. Erlichiosis, which destroys white blood cells, can also come from a tick bite, as well as meningoencephalitis, which is an inflammatory disease that targets the brain and spinal cord.

When you and your pet are outdoors, try to avoid wild rodent haunts and holes which are very popular with fleas and ticks. After spending time in the wilderness, or any area with tall grass, check yourself and your pet for fleas and ticks. If you see a tick, remove it carefully with a pair of tweezers, save it in a baggie and come in to our animal hospital for testing.

Give us at a call at 719-598-3192 if you would like to learn more about flea and tick preventative medications.


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