Preventing Heatstroke in Pets

If your pet gets too much summer sun for his own good and his body temperature veers out of control, he could suffer a potentially fatal illness called heatstroke. Here are 5 ways you can keep this frightening outcome from occurring:

5 Things You Can Do to Prevent Pet Heatstroke

1. Keep that water bowl filled! Pets need ready access to fresh, reasonably cool water at all times, and never more so than during the summer months. Watch your pet's water bowl Colorado Springs veterinarian provides tips to prevent heatstrokeclosely and top it off at regular intervals.

2. Keep your short-nosed pet indoors. If you own a brachycephalic or snub-nosed pet such as a Boston Terrier, keep him indoors during even moderately hot weather. These animals cannot cool themselves through the mouth and nose as efficiently as their longer-snouted friends.

3. Limit the car to human passengers. Your pet could easily suffer heatstroke and die if left alone in your car on a hot day. Cracking a window will not make a difference. Leave your pet at home unless you plan to let him out of the car at your destination.

4. Offer shade. Find or create some kind of structure that will offer shade from the sun as well as generous ventilation. A doghouse with a nice big entrance, or a special roof extension over the patio, will give your pet a place to go when things heat up.

5. Get rid the excess hair. If you wore a heavy fur coat on a 100-degree day, you would be prone to heatstroke too! A fashionable "lion cut," or shave can help your pet get relief and keep its internal temperature stable.

Emergency Help for Colorado Springs Pets

If your overheated pet suffers heatstroke despite your best precautions, wrap him in cool, damp towels and bring him to Yorkshire Veterinary Hospital immediately. Our on-site Colorado Springs veterinarian can provide prompt treatment for pet emergencies that come in during our normal office hours.

Call us at 719-598-3192 if you have questions about heatstroke.


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