4 Reasons to Vaccinate Your Colorado Springs Pets

Colorado Springs veterinarian recommends pet vaccinationsIs your pet protected from deadly diseases? Pet vaccinations are an important part of the health and wellness of your pet. However, many pet owners do not realize that regular booster shots are essential to maintaining immunization protection. Without regular vaccinations, your pets could be a risk for serious illness.

Are you uncertain about the safety or effectiveness of pet vaccinations? Our Colorado Springs veterinarian frequently receives questions about the importance of vaccinations. Here are four reasons why our animal hospital strongly recommends vaccinating pets.

Colorado Springs Veterinarian Recommends Annual Pet Vaccinations

1: Vaccines protect young puppies and kittens from illness.

When a pet is first born, he receives basic immunization protection from his mother’s milk. Once your pet is weaned, however, this protection disappears. While your pet is young, his immune system is still developing, putting him at risk for serious illness such as Distemper or Parvo in dogs and Distemper in cats. The puppy/kitten shot series offers important protection for young pets against these deadly diseases.

2: Vaccinations protect your family from illness.

Rabies and Leptospirosis are two deadly diseases that can be transmitted from pets to humans. Vaccinating your pet reduces the risk for infection. This is especially important if you have young children, senior family members or individuals with compromised immune systems living in your home.

3: Vaccines are safe and effective.

Some pet owners believe that regular vaccinations are unnecessary – and may put pets at risk for health problems. According to our veterinary research, however, that’s simply not the case. Just like with human vaccinations, there is a small risk for an allergic reaction. However, it’s much more likely that an unvaccinated pet will contract a deadly disease – and possibly even die – than suffer an allergic reaction to a vaccination.

4: Vaccinations save money.

Annual vaccinations are an easy, affordable way to protect your pet from illness. If your pet were to contract a deadly disease, the cost of emergency animal hospital care can add up to thousands of dollars.

Is your pet up to date on his vaccinations?


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