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“Lady” Sanger – The Survivor

It is stories like this that remind us of why we work in the veterinary field. Lady Sanger, a 12-year old, female, Golden Retriever, belonging to Merritt and Jean Sanger is one special girl. She is affectionate, sweet and very intelligent. Her vocabulary includes the understanding of approximately 250 words and hand commands. She comprehends […]


The Miracles of Laser Technology

In addition to traditional scalpel surgery, Yorkshire Veterinary Hospital offers the CO2 laser as a surgical option for your pet. Our practice has made this important investment in order to offer our clients and patients the best possible healthcare options. The CO2 laser can perform an array of surgical procedures. Some of these procedures include […]


A Second Chance for Kenai

Kenai was found abandoned behind Petco on North Nevada in Colorado Springs. When he arrived at the Humane Society, he was considered vicious and aggressive. He was placed in the court hold ward for dogs that were basically considered not adoptable and was destined for euthanasia. Emma, an employee at the Humane Society, began to […]


Client Appreciation

This blog is dedicated to Jim and Phyllis Glaser! We want to extend our deepest thanks for their many years of loyalty and kindness. The Glaser’s followed Dr. Scott and Dr. Corrina from the old building on York Road and have been faithful clients for many years. It is because of amazing clients like them […]


3rd Annual Halloween Pet Costume Contest

It is that time of year again!! Come celebrate Halloween with Otter, Ducky, and the rest of the ghouls at Yorkshire Veterinary Hospital. We invite you to participate in the 3rd Annual Pet Costume Contest for a chance to win prizes. We are accepting photograph submissions through October 31st and winners will be announced the […]


Microchipping Your Pet

Will Rogers said, “The best doctor in the world is the veterinarian. He can’t ask his patients what is the matter – he’s just got to know.” If only our pets could talk, they could tell us where they hurt, when they’re hungry, ask us to go outside, inform us that they have to use […]


Intestinal Parasites

 Intestinal parasites, or worms in dogs and cats, can cause many different symptoms in our pets, but most commonly they cause diarrhea.  We recommend checking a stool sample in puppies, kittens, and any pet with diarrhea to determine if they have an intestinal parasite.  Some of the parasites that can infect your pet are zoonotic, which […]


Heartworm Prevention

Yorkshire Veterinary Hospital is a proud advocate of Heartworm prevention. Without the administration of a heartworm preventative, your pet could get heartworm disease, a potentially deadly disease of the heart and lungs. Heartworms are transmitted to dogs by mosquitoes. Mosquitoes transmit immature heartworms from an infected dog to a healthy dog. All dogs are at […]


Benvolio – The Miracle Cat

Oftentimes clients ask us what we love about working in the veterinary field! Aside from our obvious love and passion for animals, we truly cherish special stories like this one. As much as we love writing our blogs, we thought Benvolio’s journey would be best told by his new mommy. Gini is a true hero! […]

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