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Colorado Springs veternarian provides pet dental servicesTeeth play a critical role in most animals' survival. Dogs and cats use their mouths not only for eating and drinking but also for carrying around various objects and defending themselves in altercations.  This means that your pet's teeth face considerably more use and abuse than human teeth typically do. When your pet's teeth and gums become damaged or diseased, you must seek proper care from a skilled veterinarian. Fortunately, our Colorado Springs pet dental care services can help you keep your pet's teeth and gums as healthy as possible.

A dog's or cat's teeth are similar to human teeth in many ways, so it comes a little surprise that they fall prey to many of the same common ailments. Your pet's teeth collect plaque, for example, just as your own teeth do. A combination of saliva, food particles, sugars and bacteria, this plaque develops into a hard, rough "tartar," or calculus, which sticks resolutely to tooth surfaces and attracts an ever-increasing amount of bacteria. It also pries open new spaces between gums and teeth, allowing more bacteria to enter underneath the gum line. This bacteria can then eat away at the soft tissues and bone surrounding your pet's tooth until the tooth either falls out or decays so that veterinarian must remove it.

More obvious problems include chipped, broken or lost teeth. It is worth nothing that dogs and cats experience the same kind of toothache pain that we do when a tooth decays. If your pet paws at one side of its face, drools, has difficulty eating or shows other signs of discomfort, bring it to our animal vet clinic as soon as possible.

Comprehensive Dental Services at Our Animal Hospital

Here at Yorkshire Veterinary Clinic in Colorado Springs, we consider your pet's whole health with every visit and that includes its teeth. Good pet dentistry includes regular checkups and cleanings to remove tartar buildup and check for cavities, chipped or broken teeth or periodontal disease. We perform x-rays to look for problems inside the tooth or jaw, and if necessary we can extract a particularly troublesome tooth.

Our animal hospital can also handle dental emergencies, relieving your pet's pain and treating dangerous infections. Once we have helped your pet on the road back to health, we will prescribe any needed medications and instruct you on how to administer them.

Finally, we can educate you on brushing techniques and toothpastes that will help you keep your pet's teeth and gums in good shape on an everyday basis. Let us take steps to make your next visit a routine checkup instead of a distressing emergency.

If you live in Colorado Springs and you want your pet to receive not only sound general veterinary care, but also skilled dentistry, contact our animal vet clinic today and let us help you help your pet. Call us at 719-598-3192 today.


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