Colorado Springs Exotics Veterinarian Provides Care for Birds, Reptiles, and Others

Colorado Springs exotics vet offers care and servicesExotic animals can make fascinating pets, as long as owners know how to properly care for them. Our Colorado Springs exotics vet Dr. Katie Phillips can help pet owners with pet care suggestions for their birds, reptiles and other exotic animals, as well as treat any ailments here at Yorkshire Veterinary Hospital. Dr. Katie's background includes ten years of experience with small mammals, reptiles, birds, and other exotic pets.

Animal Vet Clinic Care Starts the Moment a New Exotic Animal Comes Home

Exotics vet Dr. Katie can help ensure a potential pet owner is ready and able to care for exotics in the manner necessary to keep the animals healthiest. Our animal vet clinic can offer tips on the proper cage size and type for birds as well as the appropriate environment and housing layout for reptiles. Certain lizards, for example, need to climb and require branches throughout a tall, vertical environment, while others prefer burrowing in the soil. Keeping your exotic pets' environment at the proper temperature and feeding them the appropriate diet is also a must for optimum health. All new pets should start off in their new homes with a wellness exam at our animal hospital, a checkup that is especially important for exotics arriving at their new homes.

Avian Veterinary Care

Avian exotics, which include all types of parrots and other birds, require regular check-ups from our animal hospital to ensure they remain in the healthiest condition. Signs of bird illnesses include puffed up and ruffled feathers, lack of energy or constant sleepiness, discharge from the nostrils and eyes, and excessive scaling on the toes, feet, legs, nails, or beak. Birds that excessively pluck or pick at their feathers can be suffering from either a physical or mental ailment, which Dr. Katie can determine during an examination.

Reptile Care and Treatment

Exotic pet care provided by Colorado Springs animal hospitalReptiles, such as lizards and snakes, can also suffer from a range of ailments that our Colorado Springs veterinarians is experienced in diagnosing and treating. Our initial wellness exam can check for external and internal parasites as well as advise the new owner how to prevent and control parasites going forward. External parasites, such as ticks and mites, are typically evident on the reptile's skin while a fecal test can spot internal parasites. Healthy reptiles have clear eyes, although their skin color and condition can vary widely based on the species, age, and shedding schedule.

Our exotic vet Dr. Katie, also treats pocket pets, dogs and cats, is available Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, and some Saturdays. Our animal hospital staff is available Monday through Saturday to answer any questions. As with all the pet care we provide, the exotic animals we treat reap the benefits of our newly-built state-of-the-art facility and longstanding reputation in the Colorado Springs community. Call us at 719-598-3192 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Katie Phillips.




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