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Colorado Springs pet surgery services offered At some point or other, practically every pet is going to require some kind of surgical procedure even if that procedure is something as benign and commonplace as spaying or neutering. Many features of pet anatomy are not dissimilar to those of humans, and these internal components can be the recipients of sudden trauma, injury or chronic illness just as human organs can. When an emergency occurs, time becomes a critical factor in treating your pet successfully, so you should select a Colorado Springs pet surgery facility while your pet is healthy. Fortunately, at Yorkshire Veterinary Clinic here in Colorado Springs, we have the experience, skill and dedication needed to take care of your dog, cat or other animal's surgical needs.

Many conditions seen by veterinarians that require pet surgery are fairly common though they can seriously impact your pet's health and possibly even threaten his or her life. For example, a digestive problem, such as gastric torsion or gastric dilation volvulus (a twisted stomach), can make it impossible for a pet to pass or digest food properly. This is an emergency situation calling for immediate care at an animal hospital. Other conditions, such as a luxiated patella or torn ACL, are not a matter of life or death but can make your pet unable to walk normally and cause considerable pain unless corrected.

Our facility employs sophisticated diagnostic techniques, including digital radiotherapy and ultrasound imaging, to pinpoint the exact problem your pet faces. Digital radiotherapy allows us to view X-rays instantly on a computer monitor while the ultrasound reflects sound waves to reveal abdominal abnormalities. We also employ state-of-the-art surgical tools and techniques, including a laser surgery procedure that produces less bleeding, pain and swelling than traditional surgery.

Spaying and neutering plays a major role in keeping dogs and cats happier and healthier. While spaying is a more involved procedure than neutering, these operations are commonly performed on animals before they reach sexual maturity. Spaying and neutering not only help to keep pet populations under control, thus relieving strain on animal shelters and reducing the need to destroy unwanted animals, but they can also reduce the risks of certain cancers and other diseases.

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We encourage you to visit our veterinary hospital for more information about our services and procedures. Our team of veterinarians and veterinary technicians will be happy to answer your questions about pet surgery and tell you about our other services as well. We can advise you on when your pet will require spaying or neutering while also evaluating your pet's health for any other potential issues. We can correct painful, crippling health problems to restore your pet's ability to enjoy life. Perhaps most critically, we have the skills and experience needed to perform emergency surgery that might make the difference between life and death.

Contact our office today at 719-598-3192 and rest assured that your pet will have caring, professional attention when it counts most.


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