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Ensure Healthy Pets

Colorado Springs pet wellness programs for happy and healthy petsKeeping a pet in optimum health requires a regular maintenance plan. We tailor our recommendation for pet wellness to fit the specific needs of each individual pet, depending on the species, breed, age, life-stage, and any environmental or other challenges. After assessing the current health of the pet, our veterinarian proceeds to offer suggestions for preventative measures, diagnostic work-ups, lifestyle modifications, and nutrition. Rather than only treating a pet that has already fallen ill, we provide a plan that can help prevent issues before they start and ensure a pet enjoys the healthiest, happiest, and longest life.

Animal Hospital Wellness Plans
Begin by Educating and Working with Pet Owners

Education is a huge part of our preventative care, and working with pet owners lets our veterinarian be more flexible with recommendations and tailor suggestions that fit with both the pet's and owner's lifestyles and needs. Our animal hospital explains and outlines various procedures, preventative measures, beneficial medications - and the importance of an annual exam. Our annual checkup includes a comprehensive physical exam and screening for early signs of disease and any necessary vaccinations.

Pet wellness programs implemented at Colorado Springs veterinary hospitalsVaccinations are one of simplest ways to prevent a wide range of diseases that can be difficult to treat. Core vaccinations, which include rabies, cover those that help prevent the most common diseases in the Colorado Springs area. If a pet is traveling or has unique needs, our vet can recommend additional, non-core vaccinations to cover specific conditions or risks. 

Vaccinations are especially vital for puppies and kittens as part of our pediatric pet care. Pediatric pet care focuses on the needs of younger pets, which are highly susceptible to infectious diseases. Very young pets require a series of vaccinations starting when they are typically 8 weeks old, and then boostering twice at 12 and 16 weeks of age.

Spaying and neutering a pet comes with a host of health and behavioral benefits. Veterinary hospitals remove a female animal's uterus and ovaries during spaying and a male animal's testicles during neutering.

Geriatric pet care is another focus in the health and wellness of your pet and our veterinarians provide treatments and recommendations for the special needs of older animals. Specific areas that can require attention include a pet's immune system, joints, teeth, skin, and intestinal system.

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