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Dr. Bradley Bundy


As our resident exotics vet, Dr. Bundy looks forward to treating all of your pets, no matter the kind! Dr. Bundy has experience working in small animal medicine, surgery, emergency and general practice including avian and exotics. His interest in veterinary medicine peaked in high school when he realized the career would allow him to combine his love of animals and solving puzzles. It is his goal to connect with every patient he gets to treat! Dr. Bundy lives with his girlfriend, Caroline, and their four fur-babies: Luna, Kodi, Romeo, and Fresca. Dr. Bundy is an avid golfer, a hockey coach, and even plays hockey as part of a local men’s league. He welcomes you to challenge him to a game of golf when you come to visit as golf is his second biggest passion, next to caring for animals. His favorite phrase at work is “What would Corrina Hamann do?”.

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