What Is Animal Rehabilitation?

Animal rehabilitation is the diagnosis and management of conditions in our pets that are causing pain, mobility changes, and affecting their overall well-being. Rehabilitation uses exercises, therapies, and tools to decrease pain, increase movement and independence, and to improve quality of life. Dr. Kelly Walsh is a certified Animal Rehabilitation Practitioner through the University of Tennessee.

Which Pets Benefit From Rehabilitation?

Any pet can benefit from rehabilitation services! Rehabilitation aids in the recovery of pets with injuries, after surgeries, or those who have a medical condition leading to discomfort, pain, decreased movement, or a decreased quality of life. Each rehabilitation treatment plan is custom tailored to your pet; the exercises and therapies utilized will be hand picked for each patient.

Can Rehabilitation Help After Orthopedic Or Soft Tissue Surgery?

Absolutely! Rehabilitation will help to speed up the recovery time after a surgical procedure to get your pet back to their normal self quicker than they would without rehab. Since each rehabilitation regimen is tailored to your pet’s individual needs, we can ensure they are getting the specific care they need after their procedure.

Who Is Rehabilitation Best For? Are There Any Pets Who Would Not Benefit?

Rehabilitation is excellent for any patient needing physical improvement. The best part of Rehabilitation is how individualized it truly is. No matter what affliction is affecting your pet, we can custom create a rehabilitation program that will benefit them. Rehabilitation is an excellent therapy for improving the quality of life for your pet.

What To Expect

Initially, your first visit will be a consultation visit with Dr. Walsh. During the initial consultation, Dr. Walsh will discuss your pet’s history and current condition with you; in doing so you will work together as a team to identify your goals for your pet so she can create a custom rehabilitation plan. Your pet’s rehabilitation plan will be comprehensive and include both in-clinic and at-home exercises and treatments to optimize your pet’s healing. Each time you bring your pet in for a rehabilitation appointment, Dr. Walsh will reassess your pet and modify their plan as needed. The goal with rehabilitation is to decrease discomfort, improve strength and mobility, and improve function in your pet to improve their overall quality of life.

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