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The Adventures Of Quincey

Robin has been a longtime client at Yorkshire Veterinary Hospital. Her beloved dog Guiness passed away, and she found herself recovering from a great loss and without a pet. Guiness was her very special canine companion, and she wasn’t quite prepared to adopt another dog. She began to entertain the idea of getting a cat. Robin understood cats to be autonomous, fickle, aloof and wanting affection only when it suited them. Robert De Niro said it best in Meet The Parents, “A dog is very easy to break, but cats make you work for their affection. They don’t sell out the way dogs do.”    Image

ImageThis idea prompted Robin to research cats that had more dog-like characteristics. She explored the internet and joined social media groups in search for this whimsical cat. Robin described that she wanted a “bratty kitty.” A cat that was quirky, playful, outgoing, extroverted and would eventually be able to get along with dogs. She also wanted to take her cat outdoors, as Robin has an active lifestyle.

ImageAfter some thorough investigation, Robin decided on a Highland Lynx. She was not able to find a local breeder in Colorado, so she ended up getting one from Ohio. Quincey is so unique in both personality and physical attributes. He has 27 toes, curled back ears, a bobtail, a large head, and big beautiful eyes. Robin describes Quincey as a “three-year old toddler.” He’s inquisitive, intelligent, playful, loving, and very outgoing. Quincey likes to chase and do dive bomb around the house, he’s food motivated and has learned to sit and shake. He enjoys walks, backpacking, and kayaking all with the safety of his leash and harness.  He will climb into the backpack on his own and doesn’t mind wearing Halloween costumes. 

This breed is perfect for Robin’s family. Although he’s very special and has many unique qualities, there are some important facts to know when adopting this breed. These cats can have some ear issues, so it is important to keep their ears clean. The Highland Lynx can have sensitive stomachs, some more than others. They love to play and need a lot of stimulation. These cats need lots of human attention and get along famously with other household pets.

ImageRecently, Robin adopted a new dog, Ollie. Quincey truly enjoys torturing his new sibling. He chases, antagonizes and won’t back down from a fight. Quincey will walk right up to Ollie and really wants to be friends, but Ollie is still learning tolerance.  The two are learning how to get along with each other. 

All of us at Yorkshire fell in love with Quincey. When he comes to visit us, he lets us carry him throughout the hospital and visit with all the staff. We pet his ears and play with his 27 toes. He just soaks it all in and let’s us spoil him. Thank you Robin for sharing your story with us and for letting us post this blog with photos of Quincey in action. He truly is the quintessential adventure cat!!


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