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Dental Health for Pets

Imagine only brushing your teeth every few years-- that would be pretty gross right? Dental health is just important to your pets as it is for humans! Your dog or cat requires regular care for their chompers. Our top 5 tips below will help you keep your dog or cats mouth in tip-top condition year-round!

#1 Brush their teeth!

We know brushing your pet's teeth can be difficult, even intimidating for some owners. First, let us say we totally get it! Start with baby steps. If your pet is not used to getting their teeth brushed, start with short sessions to help them get comfortable with the experience. Use positive reinforcement to help them realize that getting their teeth brushed leads to good things (such as scratches and snacks). Gradually build up to brushing your pet’s teeth for about 30 seconds at least a few times a week, if not daily.

#2 Establish a Routine

Our furry friends do great with routines! Try to brush their teeth everyday, such as before bed or after dinner, and reward them for letting you mess with their mouth. Getting your pet into a routine will help them to get used to the experience-- they may even look forward to it if they like the rewards!

#3 Use Pet Specific Toothpaste

Human toothpaste and animal toothpaste are not created equal. We recommend only using dog or cat specific toothpaste and toothbrushes. We recommend C.E.T dental products; they have exciting flavors like peanut butter and poultry! Yum, poultry toothpaste.

#4 Get A Professional Dental Cleaning Every 1-2 Years

Treating your pet to a professional dental cleaning by your veterinarian every 1-2 years can play a key role in the prevention of dental disease. A dental cleaning under anesthesia allows veterinary staff to fully assess your pets dental health both at and below the gumline. When your pet comes in for their cleaning, they will get all of their teeth individually inspected, cleaned and polished. Digital dental x-rays will be taken to fully inspect your pets oral health; if any problems are discovered you vet will make a plan with you the same day to address the issues. Dental cleanings under anesthesia are the most stress free, comprehensive way for your veterinary team to evaluate your pet.

*All pets are different. Your veterinarian will review your pet’s full medical history prior to recommending surgical procedures. Dental cleanings are considered low-risk and are recommended for your pet’s best health.

#5 Don’t Skip Their Annual Exam

During your pet’s annual wellness exam your veterinarian will examine your pet’s teeth and make recommendations based on what they see. Keeping your pet’s teeth clean not only helps their teeth, but their whole health! Excessive buildup on teeth can introduce bacteria under the gumline that can enter their bloodstream and cause other issues. One of the best ways to keep your pet healthy is to keep their mouth happy!

Have more questions about your pet’s dental health? Check out the dental health sections for dogs and cats on our website, or give our client care team a call! Happy brushing!

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