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How To Pill Pets

So your pet needs medication. Maybe you’re one of those lucky pet parents who has a fur-kid willing to eat anything hidden in something yummy like a living vacuum cleaner (Labs, we’re talking to you). We’re happy for you, we are. For the rest of us, we have pet’s who suddenly become private investigators and innately know we hid a pill in the “treat” we keep feeding them at regular intervals. Not sure why, there is nothing suspicious about scheduled treats.

What is the solution? How do we get our pets to take pills? Short answer: It depends on your pet. There are several tricks we can try to attempt your pet to take them medicine, here are the most common:

Hiding the pill. This seems basic, because it is, but this method is tried and true! Hiding your pet’s medication in peanut butter, wet food, cheese, or their favorite treat is typically the easiest way to get them to take their pills. Make sure to check with your veterinarian for foods to avoid with certain pills. As well, never crush or otherwise alter a pill without permission from your veterinarian.

Open and toss. By this we mean gently opening your pet’s mouth and tossing (or placing if your pet won’t chomp your fingers) the medication as far back towards their throat as possible before encouraging them to swallow. If your pet will allow it, you can hold them mouth shut for just a few seconds while rubbing their throat in an attempt to get them to swallow the medication you just expertly tossed into their mouth. Pet’s typically don’t appreciate this method as much, but it can be effective for picky eaters.

Use a piller. For pets that see our fingers as fun sticks to chomp, there is a tool called a piller. A piller is a long stick that works similar to a syringe that humans can place their pill into the end of and stick the piller (instead of fingers) into their pets mouth and release the pill towards their throat.

Get the medication compounded. If your pet will absolutely not take a pill no matter your creativity, you can look into getting your pets medication compounded. This means a specialty pharmacy can modify the medication into another form, such as a flavored liquid. Compounded medications are typically a bit more expensive, but they are an excellent solution for difficult pets. Our online pharmacy has the ability to compound many medications, and we can have them shipped to your home!

Still having trouble getting medications into your pet? Give us a call, we’re always here to help

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