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"Lady" Sanger - The Survivor

It is stories like this that remind us of why we work in the veterinary field. Lady Sanger, a 12-year old, female, Golden Retriever, belonging to Merritt and Jean Sanger is one special girl. She is affectionate, sweet and very intelligent. Her vocabulary includes the understanding of approximately 250 words and hand commands. She comprehends commands such as “find” where she will fetch treats and objects, she will “shake” with her right paw, “relax” instructs her to lie on her side. These are just a few of the many dynamic actions that Lady can do.

The Sanger's have been long-time clients here at Yorkshire Veterinary Hospital. We have had the pleasure of seeing Lady for most of her veterinary care, and she loves and knows all of our staff. She trots into the hospital with grace and greets our staff with love and snuggles. Lady will also do some tricks for us in the lobby and impress all the other clients. She is quite a performer.

In December of 2005, Lady was diagnosed with Masticatory Muscle Myositis, where she could not open her mouth to eat or drink. A biopsy was sent to University of California, San Diego for confirmation. She received treatment with oral prednisone. In April of 2010, Lady became a blood donor for Rocky Mountain Blood Services with five successful draws. In February of 2012, Lady was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma of her right, lower mandible. After a bone biopsy, she was referred to Veterinary Center of Colorado in Englewood for surgery and treatment.

Although her surgery went very well, she almost died after only one dose of chemotherapy. Her white blood cell count dropped drastically, but thankfully, after two consecutive days of treatment, she fully recovered. The Sanger’s elected to discontinue chemotherapy, so that she could live out the rest of her life without the unfortunate side effects. That was over four years ago, and she is still going strong. As a result of the surgery, Lady’s tongue hangs out of her mouth.

It is her signature smile and makes her easily identifiable.In December of 2015, the Sanger’s decided that it was time to find Lady a partner. They adopted Maggie, a young Golden Retriever puppy. Lady and Maggie have truly bonded. Maggie keeps Lady on her toes bringing spunk and youthfulness to Lady’s life. They have a very special relationship.

We wanted to share this special story of The Sanger’s and their loving devotion to their dogs. It is a miracle and a blessing for each day that Lady is with us. We are so grateful to be a part of their lives, as they are an inspiration and a reminder that love does conquer all.

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