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Caring Amidst the Chaos

Providing Care Amidst Chaos

Hearing and thinking about COVID-19 seems to have become an integrated part of our daily lives. Everything has been affected by the pandemic, including your veterinarian. During these times, we in the veterinary industry have experienced so many twists and turns; here is a glimpse into our lives during the pandemic.

March: We hear there is a scary virus out there. But this virus affects people, experts are unsure if pets will be affected. We wait, we listen, and we continue to care for pets as normal.

April: It’s getting worse. Stay at home orders are in place, masks are now worn at all times. We are experiencing anxiety, along with the rest of the world. We are not only wondering if we will keep our jobs, but we are more concerned about what will happen to the pets in need if we are forced to lock our doors. Clients are now required to participate in curbside service or telemedicine. Our staff is learning to rapidly adjust, sometimes daily, to new protocols, routines, and instructions based on what is happening outside of our walls. Staff meetings are happening more frequently and there is a sense of fear for the future. We are missing the one thing we are searching for: Answers.

May: A glimmer of hope. Summer is coming, maybe things will get better. Maybe we can see our clients face-to-face again. Maybe our staff can relax. Just Maybe.

June: Everyone has begun to adapt to the new normal. Curbside services feel less strange, although we still miss in-person appointments. The world has a plot twist for us: People are adopting more animals and caring for current pets with a steadfast dedication that inspires us. This dedication has significantly increased the demand for our services and we are working as hard as we possibly can to help as many animals as we can every day. We have learned to push ourselves to new heights.

July: Our previous bar has been raised ever higher, we are learning we are more capable than we once thought. We are getting tougher. We are growing, improving, and learning an incredible amount. Some days are still difficult-- our hearts ache for the pets who are hurting, our feet hurt from working so hard, our emotional tanks could use a little extra input. But we are strong, we have a passion that defeats all adversity: We love what we do.

August and Beyond: Every day is a new day. Our staff is more of a family now than ever. We are so grateful we can support each other and lift each other up on days when we feel down. The gratitude we feel for our clients overwhelms us at times. Every kind word means so much to us, each person who shows us kindness recharges us, helping us to continue to provide the best veterinary care with grit and grace. 

We are still learning, still adapting to the changes in the world, still human. To our clients, we ask for your continued patience and kindness as we navigate the constant change we are experiencing. To our patients, we ask them to continue to bring joy to their parents and smiles to our faces. To others in the industry, we understand, we support you, we are with you. Together, we will all get through this.


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