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A Second Chance for Kenai

ImageKenai was found abandoned behind Petco on North Nevada in Colorado Springs. When he arrived at the Humane Society, he was considered vicious and aggressive. He was placed in the court hold ward for dogs that were basically considered not adoptable and was destined for euthanasia. Emma, an employee at the Humane Society, began to earn Kenai’s trust by being gentle, kind, and offering hot dogs for treats. Kenai and Emma quickly became friends.

On the day that Kenai was to be euthanized, he ended up getting neutered instead. Emma’s grandmother, Sandra, said that she would take him, so Kenai was given a reprieve. Kenai now has a loving home with Sandra, and although he is still shy and a little nervous, Sandra is working diligently to socialize Kenai. Sandra says that Kenai has never been aggressive with her. He’s learned to sit, lie down, comes when she calls him, and doesn’t beg for food. She says he’s a very good dog.

ImageIn order to help Kenai become more social with people and other dogs, Sandra has been bringing him by Yorkshire Veterinary Hospital for fun visits. On his first visit, he was very nervous and apprehensive around our staff. Our associate veterinarian, Dr. Bundy approached Kenai slowly and allowed Kenai to come to him. He gave Sandra and Kenai a tour of the hospital in hopes that Kenai would get more comfortable coming to the vet. Since that first visit, Sandra frequently brings Kenai in to visit us and each time he’s getting more and more comfortable. Last week, they stopped by and Kenai came right up to us. He let us pet him, rub his belly, and enjoyed lots of doggie treats. He sure has come a long way in such a short amount of time. Sandra also brings Kenai to her daughter’s office and Petco. She says he’s doing really well. Kenai’s story is proof that love, patience, and compassion can truly save an animal’s life. Thank you to Emma and Sandra for sharing your story with us and for being such amazing humans!!


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