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What to expect when you're expecting a fur baby

So you’re going to be a new fur parent: Congratulations! You’re about to embark on the journey of a lifetime, we’re so excited for you! Whether you’re preparing for a new puppy or a kitten, there are several things you should expect.

  1. Expect to prepare. This may or may not be obvious, but before bringing your new baby home you need to prepare your home. This means you need to puppy/kitten proof all areas your new kiddo will have access to. Are there wires they can chew? Are there small spaces they can get stuck in? Will they be near any potentially toxic household items such as cleaners or human food? This list can go on, but the bottom line is you will need to evaluate your home and reorganize to protect your new fur baby and your home (and your wallet, ER visits are pricey).
  2. Expect to lose sleep. Yep, we said that. Fur babies are just that, they’re babies! Learning to sleep through the night will require patience and help from their new parents. For puppies, potty training can take time and some midnight trips outside to sniff the same bush for the 800th time. For kittens, they like to play at 2am! Kittens will play with toys, your toes under the covers, or they will suddenly decide to be a track star and sprint some laps around your house. Learning to peacefully coexist and sleep through the night with your new fur baby, puppy or kitten, can take some time. Just remember to be patient, take a deep breath, and find the humor in raising a fur kid.
  3. Expect multiple vet visits. No, not for problems, but for the series of vaccinations and exams recommended by your veterinarian. Both puppies and kittens require 3 rounds of vaccinations during their first few months to protect them from the most dangerous illnesses they can get. These visits also allow your vet to see how your puppy or kitten is growing and make sure they are in the best shape; as well, this will allow your vet to form a valuable relationship with your pet that can last their lifetime.The power behind establishing a relationship with your veterinarian while your fur kid is young cannot be understated-- we promise, you’ll appreciate it when they’re older!
  4. Expect to fall in love. That small ball of fluff you’re about to bring home is going to look into your eyes and hypnotize you immediately. Your new kiddo will bring so much joy, love and fun into your life. Buckle up and enjoy the journey!

Have more questions you want answers to before bringing your fur baby home? Give our client care team a call, we are here to help!

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