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Cat Preventative Care

Cats are family, to you and to us. Being that we too see your cat as family, we want to do everything in our power to keep them happy and healthy. Establishing a preventative care plan with your veterinarian is essential to your cat’s long term well-being. Many feline afflictions or diseases can be prevented with regular veterinary care. Further, annual exams allow your veterinarian to track your cat's health over the course of their life; this will allow your veterinarian to create a positive relationship with your cat.

What is Included as “Preventative Care”?

Preventative care is intended to keep your cat healthy, rather than to treat an issue. Preventative care may look slightly different for each cat dependent on their lifestyle factors including age, breed, size, pre-existing conditions, and other factors. Typically, preventative care includes a nose-to-tail exam, vaccinations if needed, and lab tests if recommended and agreed upon. Preventative care most commonly takes place at your cats annual exam.

Building a Relationship With Your Veterinarian

Both you and your cat will begin to build a relationship with your veterinarian starting with your first visit. As the pet parent, you will join forces with your vet to become a team with the goal of helping your cat live their very best life. Building a relationship with your veterinarian is mutually beneficial. A positive relationship will allow you to feel comfortable trusting your vet's judgement and expertise. As well, it will allow your veterinarian to better understand you and your cat so they can provide the best, personalized care. Allowing your cat to build a relationship with his or her veterinarian will also benefit all involved. Here at Yorkshire Veterinary Hospital, we treat everyone who enters our doors, human or animal, as family.

Establishing a Preventative Care Routine

A good preventative care routine rests on the foundation of bringing your cat in for annual or bi-annual examinations. We encourage our clients to schedule their pets' next exam while they are still in our clinic so it is easier to remember. 

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