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cats going to the vets

My Cat Hates You (The Vet)

So your cat hates us, huh? Well, we wish we could debate that but they just might. Or they might just be scared out of their boots to be in a new environment that smells While your cat may or may not be our fan right now, we have some suggestions to help them feel more comfortable when they come to visit us!

Let Them Get Used to Their Carrier

If the only time you get your cat carrier out is before a trip to the vet, your cat will quickly learn that carrier equals bad news, and will make your life more difficult when you try to get them in it. Help your cat to learn that their carrier is a safe space for them, not an evil transportation device. If you know your cat has an appointment coming up, get their carrier out a few days beforehand. Place a familiar smelling blanket or towel inside and leave the door open; this will allow your cat to acclimate to the carrier and explore it without needing to be locked inside. Bonus: Spay a pheromone spray such as Feliway inside to help your cat relax!,/p>

Let the Ground Be Lava

When you arrive at the vet for your appointment, avoid setting your kitty’s carrier on the ground whenever possible. Cats like high places because they feel safer to them. If you place your cat in their carrier on the ground this can increase their stress levels. Keep ‘em up high!

Help Your Vet But Follow Their Lead

When the time for your cats exam comes, we ask you to help but let us lead! If your cat does not want to willingly come out of their carrier, take the top off whenever possible! This is the least stressful way to get your kitty out to play. Let us take it from there! We employ the most up to date Fear Free techniques to help your fur-baby feel safe while we provide comprehensive veterinary care. It is important to note, no matter hard we all try, some cats just won’t accept the love we try to give them. In these cases, your vet may recommend other methods to help calm your fur-baby down to provide the most stress-free experience possible.

These tips aren’t helping your cat to hate us less? Give our client care team a call for more advice, tips, tricks or to ask a question! We are here to help!

Catnip & Naps,
Yorkshire Veterinary Hospital

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