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Cats capture our hearts; our veterinarians make sure to care for theirs. During any examination your veterinarian will take the time to listen to your cat's heart. Should your cat have an abnormality with their heart, we have the knowledge and experience to treat many conditions right in our own hospital.

What will the vet listen for on exam?

During a cardiac evaluation, your veterinarian will carefully listen to your cat's heart with a stethoscope. They will listen for any abnormality including an arrhythmia, heart murmur, or other concerning noises that would need to be further addressed. Occasionally, our vets will recommend further diagnostics of your cat’s heart such as an echocardiogram-- Don’t let this be scary! We partner with a board certified cardiologist who will travel to our hospital on a scheduled day to perform this non-invasive procedure.

Treatment of Heart Conditions

If your cat is diagnosed with a heart condition, our veterinarians will work with you as a team to create an effective treatment plan. Our goal in treating your cat will be to maximize their quality of life.

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