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Dog Behavior

While the bond between you and your dog is indisputable, you may not always understand why they act the way they do. As your dog's veterinarian, we can assist with your dog's behavior from puppyhood to adulthood. We believe the first step to understanding your dog's behavior is to acknowledge that they have different biology and will not always act in easily understandable ways. Many common behaviors are easily addressed by training professionals, although we do have many tips we are happy to share!

When should I contact my vet about a behavior concern?

Some behaviors can be addressed by a veterinarian while others are better suited for a certified trainer; so how do you know if it is time for a vet visit? If your dog has a sudden change in behavior that is otherwise unexplained, seems to be acting out in pain, or has a behavior that other training techniques have not improved, a visit to your veterinarian is recommended. During a visit intended to address behavior, your veterinarian will take time to discuss your concerns about your dog, and create a plan with you on how to best manage their behaviors. Occasionally, we may recommend testing such as bloodwork to rule out any underlying causes to a behavioral issue.

My dog acts out at the vet

For many of our canine companions, a visit to the doctor can be stressful or even scary. If your dog seems uncomfortable with visits, ask us for tips to help. Coming in for a “happy visit” is one helpful tip we recommend if your dog is fearful of the vet! A happy visit is where you and your dog stop by, sniff around, maybe practice getting on the scale, and get some lovin’ and treats from our staff! Happy visits work to reduce vet related anxiety in your dog by helping to desensitize them to the environment, as well as create positive associations with coming in. No appointment needed for a happy visit, just drop by and let your dog get their sniff on!

If regular happy visits do not seem to help your dog feel better about coming to see us, we can help in other ways too! Please ask our client care team for additional tips. If other methods have been exhausted, your veterinarian can discuss the use of calming or sedative medications to help ease your dog’s stress during visits.

I want to take my dog to a professional trainer, do you have recommendations?

We are so glad you trust our opinion! Yes, we can recommend a trainer for you based on your dog's individual needs, whether it be puppy training or aggression or anything in between. Please call our amazing client care team for more information.

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