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Dog Microchipping

Why a Microchip Matters

Your dog is your best friend. Sometimes, however, your dog may get a chance to go on a solo-adventure and may become lost. An identification tag on their collar should be your pet’s first line of defense for finding their way home. When an identification tag is missing, such as when a collar breaks or your dog gets out without it, your dog's microchip will be with them no matter what! A microchip can be your dog’s ticket home if a ‘what if’ situation were to become a reality. We understand that your dog is part of the family, a microchip can help to keep your family together.

What is a Microchip and How Does My Dog Get One?

A microchip is a small RFID chip with a unique identification number that can be utilized to find your information when scanned by a veterinarian or shelter. This chip is often the key to getting a lost cat home. Once your cat has received a microchip you will be given instructions on how to register your information to the chip number. This information will be used to contact you if your pet is found without other identification.

The procedure to place a microchip is simple and takes less than a minute. A microchip is placed under your dogs skin between their shoulder blades with a sterile applicator and remains under the skin permanently. Placing a microchip is safe for all dogs regardless of age, breed, or size.

Scheduling a Microchip Placement

Your dog can get a microchip anytime! We can place one during any visit to our office, or you can schedule an appointment with one of our veterinary technicians. Microchips are vital to keeping your sweet fur-baby safe, call us or use our online portal to schedule an appointment for your dog to get theirs!

Call us or request an appointment online for your dog today!

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