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Puppy Season

The Best Season of the Year

Ahh, it's that time of year again when the BEST season is upon us. You guessed it, we’re talking about puppy season! Bringing a new best friend home is such a joy and we are so happy for your growing family! As your vet, we feel it necessary to repeat ourselves-- ALL rounds of vaccines are needed before your puppy can safely make friends and explore all the scents in the world.

What Vaccines Does My Puppy Need?

There are two types of vaccines: Core vaccines and non-core vaccines. You puppy needs the core vaccines of Parvo-Distemper and Rabies. Parvo, distemper and rabies are all very deadly diseases that it is vital to protect baby fido against. Getting your dog a rabies vaccine is also required by law in Colorado; not could cost more than just your pet's life.

Non-core vaccines are also highly important, but the need for them varies by dog. Non-core vaccines include bordetella, leptospirosis, canine influenza, rattlesnake and lyme to name the most common. Your dog likely does not need all of the vaccines. Based upon your dog's specific situation your veterinarian will make individual recommendations for which non-core vaccines will best protect your pup. Here in Colorado, leptospirosis is recommended for adventure pups! Leptospirosis, or lepto for short, is a disease passed by animal urine that can be found in areas that wildlife commonly frequent. Lepto is especially important to protect your fur-baby against because lepto is zoonotic, meaning it can be passed to us humans!

Vaccines require different boosters, if any. Use the guide below to know how many rounds each vaccine requires!

First Puppy Exam (7-8 weeks)

  • Wellness examination
  • 1st puppy DAPP (distemper, parvovirus, parainfluenza, adenovirus) vaccination
  • Stool sample to check for worms and parasites

Second Puppy Exam (11-12 weeks)

  • Wellness examination
  • 2nd puppy DAPP vaccination
  • 1st Leptospirosis vaccination
  • Heartworm preventative
  • Bordetella vaccination if going to puppy class or boarding/dog day care

Final Puppy Exam (15-16 weeks)

  • Wellness examination
  • Final puppy DAPP and Lepto boosters
  • Rabies vaccination

Why Booster Shots Matter

Your pup has had their first two rounds of the parvo-distemper vaccine, so why can’t they go to the dog park yet? Parvovirus is an extremely contagious disease that can live outside in soil and other areas for up to 10 years. Even if there are no dogs actively sick at the dog park, it does not mean there has not been a sick dog there before. If a sick dog were to shed the virus at the park, it could still be there when your puppy goes to sniff the same spot and just like that your pup’s life could be in serious trouble. We know you want to socialize, but it's best to keep your pup away until you know it’s safe to play!

Vaccinate for Your Puppies Needs

Your veterinarian is your best ally when it comes to vaccinating your dog. We promise to only recommend vaccines we think are best for your pet’s specific needs; dogs have different needs when it comes to vaccines and we will be sure to consider your pet’s lifestyle before recommending additional vaccines.

Have more questions about puppy care? Check out our downloadable puppy guide here or give our client care team a call, we can talk about puppies all day!

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