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Laboratory Tests

At Yorkshire Veterinary Hospital (YVH), we offer comprehensive laboratory testing. Laboratory tests, often referred to as labwork, have a variety of purposes. Labwork can be used for regular health checks, to test for specific ailments, to understand an illness, or to be cautious when new medications are being introduced, just to name a few. We utilize both in-house lab tests and an outside laboratory which allows us to keep costs down without compromising care. We commonly run labwork on blood, urine, and fecal samples, as well as cytology and histopathology. Scientific advances have allowed for more detailed and complex blood testing, or bloodwork, to be widely available. Bloodwork is the most commonly utilized lab test by veterinarians, it can be used to diagnose a variety of health issues, and is a top diagnostic tool. Additionally, our veterinarians utilize specialty laboratories, such as those at veterinary colleges, for more complex testing to assist in the diagnosis of your dog.

What lab tests are recommended and when?

Blood testing:

  • As a regular screening tool to track the overall health of your dog
  • When a dog has symptoms that cannot be diagnosed on physical exam
  • Prior to going under anesthesia
  • Prior to starting a new medication or to track a medication’s effect on the body
  • During senior wellness exams to check for early signs of disease

Urinary Analysis

  • As a regular screening tool to track the overall health of your pet
  • When a dog is showing signs of a potential urinary tract infection
  • When a dog is having unexplained urinary symptoms

Fecal Analysis

  • As a regular screening tool to track the overall health of your dog
  • When a dog has diarrhea or suspected parasites
  • When a new dog is brought home


  • When we are looking for a microscopic issue, such as what is the cause of an ear infection
  • To examine the cells within a growth or mass


  • To test a growth or mass for cancer or other tissue abnormalities

We are proud to offer our clients comprehensive laboratory testing while keeping costs reasonable. Have questions about lab tests? Please call our friendly client care team for more information on the services we provide.

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