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Senior Dog Care

At Yorkshire Veterinary Hospital (YVH) we value your dog as part of our family too. As your dog ages their needs change and therefore their veterinary care changes as well. Our veterinarians take pride in guiding pet parents through the changing needs of senior dogs. Our goal is to prolong your dog's life by taking preventative measures to ensure they stay as happy and healthy as possible.

Since dogs age much faster than us human folk, they are considered seniors around 7 years of age. We work hard to make your dogs transition into senior life as seamless as possible. As they age, their bodies begin to change. Some dogs experience changes in their mobility, hearing, eyesight, brain function, and possibly internal health changes as well. Senior wellness exams allow your veterinarian to track any health changes in your dog so they can treat any issues at their first sign.

Senior Examinations

A senior wellness exam is different from a wellness exam for a younger pup. Senior exams are specifically oriented to ensure your dog is aging well. During a senior exam, your veterinarian will evaluate your dog for changes that may accompany aging. Additionally, we recommend annual bloodwork for all senior pets. Bloodwork is a useful tool for detecting early signs of disease that cannot be seen on a physical exam, such as early signs of kidney disease or thyroid problems.

Changing Needs

Senior wellness visits are an ideal time to discuss the changing needs of your beloved family member. As dogs age, their requirements for nutrition, exercise, and sleep change. While they may want to, senior dogs are not always capable of doing the same things they did in their youth. A genuine conversation with your veterinarian about how you can best help your dog continue to live life to the fullest during their golden years is key to their overall well-being.

Aging With Grace

While we cannot stop dogs from aging, we can certainly help them to age as gracefully as possible. At Yorkshire Veterinary Hospital we are able to offer therapeutic services to our patients in addition to traditional veterinary medicine. We offer canine chiropractic, rehabilitation, and acupuncture therapies. These progressive services can help keep your dog comfortable during their golden years as they can help reduce age related skeletal pain, alleviate muscle fatigue or inflammation, and boost their immune system.

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