Surgery At Yorkshire Veterinary Hospital (YVH)

Most pets will require at least one surgical procedure in their lifetime. At Yorkshire Veterinary Hospital (YVH) we are dedicated to providing the highest quality surgical care by utilizing the latest techniques and technology. We ensure our patients receive the absolute highest standard of care before, during, and after their surgical procedure.

We offer state-of-the-art, progressive surgical procedures. Our doctors maintain the education and skills to practice the safest and most effective surgical methods in the industry. Along with continually increasing our skills, we also use advanced tools including surgical and therapeutic lasers. Our surgical suite provides doctors with a sterile environment to perform a variety of procedures. Using the most current techniques, we offer procedures including dental cleanings, spays, neuters, growth removals, foreign body removal, and gastropexy among other procedures.

Standard Of Care

To us even the littlest details matter. We go the extra mile for all of our patients to achieve the standard of care as set by the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA), a standard achieved by only the top 12-15% of animal hospitals in the nation. A few of the dozens of requirements for surgical care are highlighted below.

  • All surgeries are performed by a licensed veterinarian
  • Major surgeries are performed in a separate, dedicated surgical suite
  • All supplies and surgical attire are sterile
  • All surgical technicians are credentialed veterinary technicians
  • A pre-surgical examination is performed by a licensed veterinarian

What To Expect

We take extra care to ensure your pet has personalized care before, during, and after their surgical procedure. When you come in to drop your pet off the morning of their procedure, one of our certified veterinary technicians will take time to go over your pet’s treatment plan with you in one of our comfortable exam rooms and admit them to our hospital for the day.

Once admitted, a doctor will perform a pre-surgical exam on your pet to ensure they are healthy prior to going under anesthesia. If your pet has not had blood work recently, we will recommend you consent to a pre-surgical blood screening the morning of the surgery for your pets safety as recommended by AAHA standards. Each pet receives carefully calculated pain and sedation medications specific to their needs prior to going under anesthesia. During your pet’s procedure, one of our certified technicians will be assigned to constantly monitor your pets anesthesia and vital signs. Your veterinarian will call you during the day with an update on your pet.

After their procedure is complete, your pet will be transferred to recover and will have a recovery tech sit with them until they are awake and resting comfortably. It is important your pet stay with us for a few hours post-operatively so we may ensure they recover properly from anesthesia.

What Else Do I Need To Know?

We want all pet parents to feel as comfortable as possible when they leave their baby in our care for a surgical procedure. If you have any questions about surgery at our hospital our staff will be more than glad to answer any questions!

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